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A Mother’s Prayer for Her Children

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

God of love and light, We thank you for blessing our lives with our precious children. We ask you to always watch over them and keep them safe. Envelop them with your love, and grant them peaceful, loving, happy, healthy, and abundant lives. May their minds be full of hope, understanding,  and spiritual wisdom. Grant that they always feel free to be themselves. Allow them to remember the power they have within them  to create amazing miracles in their lives. May they have great dreams and the faith to make them happen. Guide them to love and show kindness to all,  regardless of race, nationality, religion, or species.  May they respect all of nature and be aware of their impact upon the environment. Allow them to find peace within themselves so that they  may easily live at peace with others. Open their eyes to see the good in the hearts of everyone, the blessings and beauty all around them, and the magnificence of all of your creation. From this day forward, shine your loving light upon them  and grant that all is well in their world.  Amen.

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