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Calling All Angels

The angels are ready to assist you, but may be waiting for you to call upon them. All you need to do is ask for them to be there for you, and they will come. Yes, it really is as easy as that!

As a matter of fact, they may already be coming to you as a thought, a feeling, or a vision – and you may think you are only imagining the messages you are receiving. When this happens, simply ask God to allow you to know if the angels really are giving you messages. These prayers will not go unanswered because God wants you know when you are truly feeling and hearing His heavenly messengers.

You may also unknowingly be cutting off communication with the angels because you are afraid of what you may see, feel, or hear. Because of this, the angels will not come to you because they want to bring you comfort, not fear, so they will wait until you are ready for them. In this case, you can pray and ask God to help you release any concerns that are preventing you from connecting with the celestial realm.

On the other hand, you may believe you are unworthy and therefore do not even attempt to call upon them for their help. However, I assure you that we are all worthy of their assistance. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we’ve done. The angels will be there for you if you request their presence. They are not here to judge you, but simply to guide and protect you throughout your life.

You may also call upon as many angels as you feel are needed in different situations and they will all come. Another wonderful fact is that they can be in more than one place at one time, so you will not be taking them away from another person who needs them more than you do.

So please remember - the angels are very real beings of God’s light who are here to shine for all of us. They bring us protection, comfort, relief, and understanding far beyond what mere words can express here. All you need to do is ask them to come, and they will be there for you. Then be prepared. These wonderful, celestial beings will bring you so much peace and will totally change your whole life for the better!

Angel blessings to you!

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I have all your books near my bed. And “Your Life after Their Death“. I have given to friends and still tell friends to get the book to help them to understand about their loves ones passing. That book and your other books has helped me in so many ways.

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