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            After you leave the physical body, you will be able to feel your oneness with everyone and everything because your body will not be separating you from others. Again, this oneness includes EVERYONE – those of different colors, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, and yes, even species. We ARE everyone, and they are us! I'm urging you to understand this concept now – before you leave your physical body.

What is happening in our country (and for the world for that matter) is not new. It is just being filmed and shown to more people due to the internet and the media. George Floyd had a family, friends, a life, and he wanted to live. At the end of his life, he cried out to his mother because he couldn’t breathe as he was being choked. 

            Many of those in the black community experience some kind of injustice because of their color on a regular basis. This discrimination has to end now. People of color deserve relief, love, respect, and honor, just as we all do!

            When someone feels unheard, he or she may act out so that others will notice. That is what is happening now with a few who can’t take it anymore. I am certainly not encouraging violence or negativity in any way. It never works! But I am encouraging us all to do something (positive) right now.

            So, let’s focus on solutions - on what we want - rather than what we don't want. We want harmony, unity, racial equality, peace, love, and understanding. Our survival depends upon this! 

            To my fellow white friends, please make an effort to see through the eyes of those who have different color skin tones. See and treat EVERYONE as the magnificent beings that they are. All of us have the Spirit of God within us! We are glorious beings of love and light. Every one of us! 

            To my black brothers and sisters, I can’t fully understand what you experience day after day because I have not walked in your shoes, but I can make an effort to see through your eyes and do all I can do to help. I will continue to stand by you, honor, love, and respect you. And I spread this message to my friends, family, colleagues, and everyone who will listen. 

            May each one of us go within and focus on what we can do to help. Together, we can raise the vibration of our glorious planet back to its true state of perfection. 

            Have a wonderful, peaceful day. I love you all so very much!          

            Blessings and hugs,

            Karen Noé

            So, what can you do, right here and right now? I’d love to hear from you.

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Dear Karen,

I recently saw you and two of Wayne Dyer's children on a YouTube video. You were speaking about the first time Wayne Dyer came to you. I have so much I want to say to you and share with you. I am not sure if this is the best place to share all of my awakenings since March 13, 2020. The fact that I was awakened on 3/13/20 is not a coincidence at all.

To answer your question... What can you do? Right here and right now? I can share a poem that I wrote which I hope will be a children's book one day. After hearing the message (on the YouTube video) from Wayne about We consciousness,…

Me gusta
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