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Living Animals Can Give and Receive Messages, Too

I teach many workshops at my center, but one of my favorite classes of all time was one I gave on animal communication. Although there were a number of animals in the class that day, two clearly stand out in my mind: Darla, a very sweet cocker spaniel, and Zack, an adorable English springer spaniel.

I was sitting on one side of an L-shaped couch, teaching the course, and Darla and her owner, Carolyn, were on the other side. All of a sudden, Darla decided to walk across the couch to me and gaze directly into my eyes as if she wanted to tell me something. At first, I didn’t know if I was receiving the correct information from her. She relayed to me that she wasn’t Darla anymore but was now “Thainy.” When I repeated what I thought she had told me, Carolyn happily responded, “I knew it!”

Because I didn’t understand this message, I asked Carolyn what it meant. According to Carolyn, Darla’s previous owners had abused her. For quite some time after Carolyn and her husband, John, had adopted her, Darla would just stay in the corner and never budge from that spot. Then, many months later, Darla’s personality had suddenly changed for no apparent reason. Carolyn noticed this behavioral shift one day when Darla unexpectedly came out from the corner and decided to jump onto her lap. Ever since that incident, Carolyn noticed that Darla had begun to act a lot like Thainy, Carolyn and John’s previous dog that had recently died.

So, the message the sweet cocker spaniel had given me that day during class certainly did make sense after all! Thainy’s soul was now residing in Darla’s body, and she was a “walk-in.” And the best part is that this newfound information had confirmed what her owners had already suspected all along!

In the beginning of the same class, I placed a dog biscuit in between the cushions next to me on the sofa. As I was doing this, Zack, an English springer spaniel, was sleeping comfortably on the floor on the other side of the room from where I was sitting.

About 45 minutes later, his owner, Tanis, wanted to see if we’d be able to send messages to Zack, even though he was still asleep. I told her that it was definitely possible, and asked each of the women in the class to send a beam of light from her heart chakra to Zack’s. Then I told them to draw figure eights in the air toward Zack and visualize him waking up to get the treat.

After a few minutes of our trying to send him this message, Zack sat up from his slumber and looked at everyone as if to say, “All right, already, I’ll listen to what you want me to do.” To appease us, he walked directly to the treat without anyone showing him where it was. He then took the treat, ate it, strolled back to his original spot, plopped back onto his side, and immediately dozed off again.

Everyone in the class was amazed that they were actually able to successfully communicate telepathically with this beautiful dog. Of course, I already knew it was going to happen, and just smiled.

Blurb from Through the Eyes of Another: A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth by Encountering Your Life Review Now, Karen Noé

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