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Messages Behind Life’s Challenges

Summer is here and a variety of gorgeous colorful flowers continue to bloom; birds are singing their glorious songs throughout the day. Despite all of this, I have been focusing on my many projects and on the knots I’ve had in my stomach worrying about finishing all these assignments on time. Yes, I should have learned by now to focus on the love and beauty all around me, but once again, I fell into my old ways.

Two weeks ago, I was having a new floor installed in my office because the carpet that was in there was buckling up. After the workers ripped up all the carpeting, they noticed that the floor underneath was uneven. Because of this, they were unable to install the new floor. They couldn’t even place the carpet back because it was now in torn up into small pieces. I was upset because my office was now a total mess, and I had to use this room for my appointments the next day. The gentleman saw how distressed I was and told me that he knew someone who would be able to level the whole floor and install the new one for me by midnight that same day. I was happy that he was able to accommodate me so quickly, but not so thrilled about the extra cost. Yet I totally understood that they weren’t able to install that floor before they fixed the problem underneath.

Then, last Friday morning, as I continued holding onto the stress of all I had to accomplish, I felt as if I was going to explode any minute. On the surface I looked fine, but I was not. Before an appointment, for whatever reason, I felt the urge to go downstairs to the basement, and was shocked that a water pipe in the ceiling had just burst. I just stood there, not knowing what to do as I witnessed a steady downpour of water ruining the carpet, walls, and boxes and boxes of my books that I had purchased for clients. I immediately called the plumber, and he came within the hour to replace the endcap that had been blown off the pipe from too much water pressure. After hours of cleanup, I was able to salvage most of the books. With the help of my boyfriend, we ran two dehumidifiers and an air mover, and within a few days, the carpet and most of the wet books were dry. I just need to touch up the walls with a little paint and replace some ceiling tile. I was so thankful that I felt the urge to go downstairs when I did - when the pipes had just burst - and the plumber came so quickly!

And then on Saturday, my cat, Mikey, made a big mess outside of his litterbox. (He’d been doing this a lot lately). When I woke up to this huge mess on the floor, I finally realized that, because of his old age, it was too difficult for him to climb into that bigger box. I immediately replaced the box with a smaller one I had in the basement.

“Okay,” I asked the Universe, “What the heck is going on? Why are all these mishaps happening all around me?” Right after this simple question, I felt a strong angelic presence fill the room. It told me that there are hidden messages in many of life’s challenges. The carpet issue was telling me that I needed to heal and work on something that was hurting me underneath the surface instead of just trying to “cover it all up.” The pipes bursting told me that I needed to work on difficult issues as they appeared, rather than allowing everything to build up and explode. My cat’s accidents due to his huge litterbox were telling me that I needed to say no to the many larger projects that I couldn’t finish and say yes to the smaller ones that were fun and I could more easily get into.

This heavenly presence lingered. When I went to take a shower, I was given the most incredible gift. As I glanced at the bathtub faucet, I clearly saw two rainbow eyes shining above the faucet, forming a “happy face.” (See picture). I tried to figure out how these eyes had formed just where they did. Was the water and lighting on the ceiling generating rainbows? If so, how did the water create two rainbow eyes that were perfectly placed above the faucet making it look like a smiley face? I really didn’t know the answer. All I knew was that it was a delightful “without a doubt sign” from above. The presence told me, “You’ve got this. Lighten up! Now go have some fun!” I ran to get my cellphone so that I could capture this amazing moment on film. I really do “get it now,” but just have to remember to continue to bring this relevant information into my everyday life.

And how about you? Are you experiencing a challenge in your life right now? If so, try looking into the deeper meaning the Universe may be trying to show you. Fall in love with the present moment and make sure to take care of each issue as it happens before it gets too large. Say no to anything that doesn’t feel right to you. Focus on solutions, rather than on the problems, and on what you do want, rather than on what you do not desire. Yet, perhaps most importantly, make sure to enjoy life to the fullest. Lighten up! I have full faith in you and know that you’ve got this, too!

Have a beautiful day. I love you.

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Hi Karen. I too am facing some big challenges but have not yet figured out why. Having some pretty big health issue.

Also, not sure if others can see it, but I don’t see the photo of the rainbow eyes smiley face. I am reading this on my phone. I will try looking for it on my laptop.

Replying to

I just saw the photo of the rainbow eyes smiley face in the body of the email. That is a great sign!


Thank you for sharing! ❤️ Going through a challenging time right now too and find myself asking, ”What am I missing? What am I not seeing?“ Haven’t found the answer yet but I know it will be discovered if I keep searching. As always, you are so inspiring and such a wonderful reminder of all

that is beautiful in the world. 💚


Your comments on Life's Challenges were profound. I suppose we all have them and in different capacities. We never stop learning lessons. The gifts, the messages we receive have to be nurtured and appreciated. Time is our best teacher, it's God's timing not ours that matters, although sometimes difficult to understand. I believe we prove to ourselves we are more resilient then we realize. Looking forward to our next meeting. Poor Mikey, it seems as though age is catching up with him....I, too have a cat, a Persian cat, Buddy...I adore him... and felt your emotions with Mikey.

Peace and Blessings to you Always

Milli Stellatos

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