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To Teach Peace, We Must Be Peace

(reshared – published 2 years ago)

As I’ve stated over and over again in my blogs, books, and social media posts, we are magnificent Divine beings of love and light. The energy of our thoughts is like a magnet, attracting situations in our lives – and in the world - of the same type of energy of our dominant thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it’s extremely important that we focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t want; on solutions, instead of the problems themselves; and to remain positive, regardless of what is happening around us.

Sometimes this is not easy – especially if we see an injustice occurring in the world. Recently, because of what is happening in our country, I have had such a strong “inner pull” to speak out more strongly for what I know to be true. We are one with everything and everyone. Many don’t feel this oneness because they are focusing on their physical bodies separating them from everyone else. However, after we leave the physical body, we will more easily feel that oneness in an instant. (I know this from many years of receiving these types of messages from deceased loved ones and the angels, and from those who have experienced a near death experience - that is, those who have been declared clinically dead and have shared what they experienced when they came back into their physical body).

So, when there are instances of hatred occurring in our country or in the world, the Mama Bear part of me rushes to the surface, strongly nudging me to speak for what I know to be true. We are one with everyone – including those of all colors, cultures, genders, sizes, beliefs, religions, sexual orientations, and yes, even all species! To say one is less than another is simply incorrect!

I had the day off today and wished to write an article about this topic, and as soon as I woke up, I tried to gather my thoughts as to how I could express what I needed to say. I knew that I needed to speak for the good of all concerned and asked the angels to help me to sort things out in my mind.

My boyfriend Ken then called to say he was going to be driving by my house on his way to do a delivery for work, so I told him to stop by and I would make him a shake for the road. I had all this going on in my head, as I was trying to finish up my morning routine of feeding all my pets, including the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks in the backyard and those in the front yard, too.

When I opened the sliding door to put my dog outside, I noticed there was a huge hawk on the ledge of the deck staring at me. The glorious bird didn’t move, even though the opening of the door made a loud sound. To protect the smaller birds from the hawk, I decided to wait until later to feed them. I made the rounds in the house, feeding everyone inside the house, and then made Ken’s shake.

After this I went back to feed the birds, but the hawk was still there staring at me. I knew it was a “without a doubt sign” of some kind, but didn’t really know what it meant. I continued to get ready and the hawk remained there for a long time. I took a picture of it and made sure to take it from an angle so that a sticker that was on my door wasn’t in the way of my taking the picture of the hawk.

Finally, Ken arrived to say hello, and I gave him the shake. I told him about the hawk and asked him to look outside. Thankfully, the hawk was still there. Just then, I strongly felt an angelic being tell me to glance at the sticker that was on the door that I previously believed was in the way of my taking the picture of the hawk. The sticker said, “Teach Peace.” As soon as I understood that THIS was the message of the hawk– to Teach Peace – the huge majestic bird finally flew away.

Ken was with me and witnessed the whole thing. Because of all the synchronistic events that led to Ken arriving at that very time, I know that he was supposed to receive this message as well.

As I later shared this experience with my son, Tim, he read me a quote from Chapter 6 of A Course in Miracles. “To have peace, teach peace to learn it.” The universe was letting me know that I must continue to be the peace that I wish to see, and only then will I be able to spread the message of peace out into the world.

I so appreciate these “without a doubt signs” from above. Please join me in spreading this message of peace and oneness to all who will listen. Thank you so much. I love you!

Have an amazing, peaceful day!

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