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Using the Law of Attraction to Connect with Deceased Loved Ones

I often hear my clients and friends say that they are upset because they are unable to connect with their deceased loved ones. I explain that, according to the law of attraction, they will continue to attract whatever they are feeling and thinking. If they wish to connect with those on the other side, they must focus on their ability to connect with them, rather than their inability to do so. Remember, your thoughts create your reality!

So, what can you do instead? First of all, know that your loved ones are trying to connect with you as much as you are trying to connect with them. Then say positive affirmations such as, “Thank you for sending me messages;” or “Thank you for coming to me in a dream and waking me up after it so that I remember it;” or “Thank you for giving me a without-a-doubt sign to let me know you are with me.” In other words, don’t beg them. Rather, thank them beforehand. In doing so, you are “putting it out” there that you know they will come to you. And they will!

Then it’s important to be patient and wait, and the signs, dreams, and messages will come when you least expect it! Make sure to acknowledge when you feel them with you. Thank them for making their presence known. The more you pay attention and acknowledge the signs, dreams, and messages they are sending to you, the more they will give you! Try it, you’ll see it works.

Angel blessings to you!

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