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What is it Like in the Afterlife?

Here’s a blurb from my book We Consciousness. This is how Wayne Dyer responded when I asked him what it was like in the afterlife:

“Where I am now is not “the afterlife,” but the continuation of life, without the restrictions of the physical body that bound me to the earth plane. One minute I was confined to a physical shell; the next I was free as I stepped into this pure state of infinite love.

I’d yearned to reach this level of awareness for the last several years of my earthly existence, so I was surprised and delighted to achieve this goal in an instant. As I reentered this familiar state of consciousness and arrived at my true place of origin, I was greeted by my loved ones (including my mother and, yes, my father, too!) and glorious celestial beings, eager to welcome me back home.

I am elated that I can now be wherever I wish to be with a simple thought of a desired location anywhere in the universe. I am still aware and interested in what transpires on earth, but I now comprehend that it is just a tiny speck in the totality of all of creation.

Make sure to tell everyone that the same loving consciousness that you have called God really does exist! It is present within everything and everyone in the entire universe. This spirit of God does not judge me or anyone else because it is all loving. On the other hand, I am now able to see how my actions, good and bad, have affected all those in my life, and I continue to grow and evolve. I am also able to see through my loved ones’ eyes to understand why they have behaved in certain ways, with no judgment.

In this new place of reality, one always experiences pure joy and contentment. I continually bask in complete unconditional love, feeling my connection to the whole, while at the same time experiencing the freedom of doing whatever I wish to do and being wherever I desire to be.

While on earth, I was able to connect to millions of like minds who were yearning for the truths of which I spoke. To them I am pleased to say that the essence of the teachings I gave when I was in the physical body has now been confirmed to be true.

Also, please spread this message to everyone who will listen: We are all one in love—everything else is just an illusion.”

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