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Your Deceased Loved Ones Help In Ways They Never Could Before

Your deceased loved ones are probably already helping you more than you know. They may put the right people in your path, place thoughts in your head with insights on how to accomplish your goals, inform you of things you didn’t know, grant you peace when you need it, help you find lost things, and so much more. Here is what happened during a reading I gave when a loved one came to the rescue to help her daughter find a lost object:

Ardine had lost her engagement ring a while back, and after frantically checking every place she could think of, she eventually gave up with a heavy heart. Ardine then came in to see me for a reading. Since she likes to let readings unfold naturally, letting in whoever wants to come through, she usually doesn’t lead with specific questions. But as we were ending our appointment that day, she remembered to ask the question that had been bothering her for months. She began, “I lost my engagement ring about a year ago…” – and I put out my hand for her to stop, because I was already receiving a message. I told Ardine, “Your mom says it’s in the couch with the blanket.”

Here are Ardine’s words explaining what had happened that day:

“Now, I’m sure many households have blankets on their couches. I realize this isn’t a reach. The difference is that I’ve searched the sofa a dozen times over in the past year to no avail. However, I had such a sense of peace and resolve that I was going to find my ring when I got home. When I stood up, Karen gave me a big hug and told me, “When you find your ring, call me.”

My husband was waiting for me outside with a car full of groceries. When I got in the car, he asked me how it went. I just turned to him and said, “Michael, when we get home, I want you to unload the groceries, because I’m going to find my ring.” He was silent, probably thinking for the umpteenth time that I’m off the deep end, but also knowing better than to get me worked up.

When I arrived at home, I went directly to the couch with the green flowered blanket on it. I took off all the cushions, looked at them closely, shook them, and noticed a small rip in one. I then put my finger in there, but felt nothing but lint. I was crouched down while I was doing this, and one of my cats walked by at that moment. I turned to the right, and that’s when I saw my rocker love seat with a small throw over it. Talk about a light bulb going on in that moment! I exclaimed out loud, “Oh, that blanket!” I walked over to the rocker and around it, and saw that it was all in one piece. There were no cushions, and the fabric went from top to bottom, with thick staples keeping it in place through the wood. Although it wasn’t possible that a ring could get in, I just knew I’d find it there.

I have two cats, and over the years they have used this rocker as a scratching post more than a few times. I made a decision and got a pair of scissors, and was set to rip open the fabric on the back of the rocker. My husband, who had been in the kitchen for the past ten minutes, saw me with scissors in hand and stepped in. He told me to calm down and decided that he could pry open a staple or two to create an opening in the fabric. With that done, he turned the rocker on its side and proceeded to shake it and bang it on the floor of the living room. On the second or third shake, out came my engagement ring!”

Ardine called me within minutes to tell me the wonderful news. Not only did she find her ring, but her husband wasn’t a skeptic anymore! I am so glad Ardine didn’t give up when she wasn’t able to find her engagement ring at first, and that she was able to listen to her mom when she guided her to search the correct chair!

So the message for you is this – please remember that your deceased loved ones really are available to help you now in ways they never could before! Ask them for their help and guidance, and they will be there for you!

Many blessings to you!

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