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Your One Card Reading from the Angel Quest Oracle Deck: ANSWERED PRAYERS

I asked the angels what you needed to know today, and I selected this card from the Angel Quest Oracle Deck: ANSWERED PRAYERS: The Universe has heard your request and is responding to your needs.

Those in the celestial realm have heard your plea. Your request is now being granted, due to your continued strong faith in the desired outcome.

Be on the lookout for synchronistic events that occur around you. Notice those who come into your awareness with messages you need to hear, pertinent information that comes through in dreams, intuition that tells you what to do next, and sudden inspiration that urges you to learn more about a certain subject. These are just some of the many ways the angels are bringing you the answers you need to know at this time.

After receiving these hints from the Universe, make sure to take any action that is necessary for your desires to be met. Make that phone call; go to the healer your friend recommended; speak to those who have gone through similar situations and have overcome obstacles; apply for that new position; and expect that everything will work out perfectly for you.

The angels also want you to know they always hear your prayers and don’t want you to despair if certain ones appear to have gone unnoticed. It may be that your higher self needs to teach you something at this time before your prayer is fully answered; you may not have complete faith in your wish being fulfilled, causing stumbling blocks along the way; or your prayers are being answered, but they are taking longer than you anticipated.

Once you have planted the seeds, be patient and wait for your desired outcome. Be open to receive, and you will!

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