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You Deserve A Letter

Remember the days when people used to write letters? Maybe you had a pen pal when you were a child and you would wait anxiously for the mailman to arrive because he might just have a little envelope addressed to you. Maybe you were dating someone and unbeknownst to anyone in the world, he or she used to write the most beautiful letters to you. You would sit up at night reading them and quickly hide them in the shoebox under your bed if you heard someone coming. Yes, of course, things have changed, but that is totally fine. See, even in the age of email, Facebook, and texts -nothing is stopping us from writing letters. Letters still have amazing power and personal reach. In my book, Through the Eyes of Another, I stress how important and life changing it is to write letters to others. But you know what? You deserve a letter too!

Yes, it’s time you wrote yourself a letter. It’s time you looked at your life from an outsider’s perspective and take an objective, yet positive account of your life as a whole. Out of all the letters that we may write to our loved ones, this one tends to be the most healing and beneficial. As human beings, it tends to be easier to look outside rather than look inside of ourselves. We seem to grasp why people do certain things, yet we have a tough time analyzing why we did some of the things we did in our lives. The purpose of this letter is not to judge yourself, but rather it is to come to terms with what has happened and letting the past go.

Consider this letter a review of your past, accompanied with a positive roadmap for the future. You, as an outsider writing to yourself, will see more clearly how things happened, why things happened, and how you are making positive changes. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to delve into painful memories of the past, but the outcome should result in letting go of any negativity and seeing your true beautiful soul shining through. Make sure you start your letter with the things you love about yourself and all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished in your life. We tend to forget those and too often put ourselves down. I’ve had clients say that they really had a tough time writing things they liked about themselves, but after they wrote their letters, they felt so good. So write a positive, loving letter to yourself! The universe already knows that you are a magnificent, lovable being…and you should know that too!

Angel blessings to you!

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