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Lessons We Learn Life After Life

According to Edgar Cayce, the main goal of reincarnation is to become aware of our true spiritual nature and how we are connected to everyone and everything. Whether that rings true for you or not is up to you, but I do feel that we are here to learn and grow (which may take more than one lifetime to get it all right!).

Have you ever had the feeling upon meeting someone that you’ve known them forever? Well, you might have – in another life. Loved ones from one life tend to follow each other into future lives, traveling around in spiritual groups formed by love. However, the same goes for people with whom we have unresolved issues – and you will keep running into those people again and again until you learn the lesson you are supposed to learn from them.

If you feel drawn to a certain time period or a specific place, feel like you know someone you’ve only just met, or have a phobia that came seemingly from nowhere, you could be remembering events from past incarnations. One way to find out more about them, and to help conquer fears and challenges you experience in the present, is to go to a qualified hypnotherapist for a past life regression. The hypnotherapist will take you through a series of relaxation exercises and then bring your awareness to a past life that is significant in explaining who you are today. Usually, only the past life or lives that affect you most now will surface, giving you insight into motivations, desires and fears you may not understand within only the context of this life.

The first time I was regressed, I was at a class, and the hypnotherapist asked my group if anyone wanted to work on a phobia. I have always been afraid of water – I wouldn’t go near the pool and didn’t even want to put my face in water! While I was regressed, I experienced a past life as a Viking child watching my family drown at sea one by one. After coming out of hypnosis, I finally understood where my fear probably had originated — Norway, in the year 1042! After 900 years, with the help of regression, I was finally able to understand that fear and begin to let it go. I even learned how to swim!

Wherever we choose to go, we go in with the knowledge that we must accomplish certain things, and if we leave that life without doing what we chose to do, we will somehow know this since we will not feel fulfilled. Furthermore, if we don’t learn our lessons the first time, we will continue to be presented with them until we master each one. So live with love, spread peace, and you’ll pass this course with an A+.

Love, peace, and prosperity to you!

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