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Putting the Giving – in Thanksgiving

In Through the Eyes of Another, I talk about becoming aware of everyone you encounter and making each person’s life a little better – just because you’re in it! This Thanksgiving, I’d like to give you a challenge to call, email, or text those you won’t be spending the day with, telling them how much they mean to you. Thank and acknowledge how they have made your life better with sincere, heart-felt gratitude. And make sure to really listen and be with the people you are with, whether it’s around the holiday table or just sitting down for a pumpkin spice latte with them afterwards.

Last Thanksgiving, I started a new tradition. I asked my guests to write down their hopes and dreams for the following year on a piece of paper, and then put all of their responses in a “Hopes & Dreams” jar. It gave them something to look forward to in the year ahead, and helped them to focus on what they wanted in their lives. We’re going to open those responses this year to see if everyone’s dream came true.

Can you think of a way to make Thanksgiving more meaningful this year? Think of something new and exciting, and then do it. And please remember, Thanksgiving isn’t just about sitting around and eating. It’s about giving your undivided attention to family, friends, and loved ones, and really giving thanks for all of the many blessings in your life.

I love you! May you have the best Thanksgiving ever!

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