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Animals Can Give and Receive Messages Too!

I teach many workshops at my center, but one of my favorites was one I gave on animal communication. We had a number of animals in class that day, but a very sweet cocker spaniel named Darla and an adorable English springer spaniel named Zack stand out because of their amazing stories.

I was sitting on one side of an L-shaped couch, teaching the course, and all of a sudden, Darla walked toward me on the couch and gazed directly into my eyes as if she wanted to tell me something. At first I wasn’t sure if I was receiving the correct information from her – it didn’t make sense. She relayed to me that she wasn’t Darla anymore but was now “Thainy.” I repeated what I thought she had told me, and to my surprise, her owner Carolyn happily responded, “I knew it!” The story behind this strange occurrence was that Darla had originally come from an abusive home, which had made her so timid that she usually stayed in one corner and wouldn’t budge. But months later, Darla walked out from her corner and jumped in Carolyn’s lap – and ever since then, Carolyn noticed that Darla had begun to act a lot like Thainy, her previous dog who had recently died. Thainy was a “walk-in!

Reading animals is a lot like reading people. You have to open yourself up to them, clear your mind, and let the messages come. But you can also send messages to your furry friends, which is what happened with Zack, the English springer spaniel!

Zack’s story begins with a dog treat and a nap. He was sound asleep, snoozing through the class, and hadn’t even noticed that I had placed a dog biscuit in between the cushions next to me on the sofa. His owner, Tanis, asked if we’d be able to send messages to Zack, even though he was still asleep in the other room. I told her it was definitely possible, and asked each of the women in the class to send a beam of light from their heart chakras to Zack’s. Then, I instructed them to draw figure eights in the air toward Zack and visualize him waking up to get the treat.

After a few minutes of trying to send him the message, Zack sat up and looked around at everyone as if to say, “All right already! I’ll listen to what you want me to do!” He walked directly to the treat without anyone showing him where it was, took the treat, ate it, strolled back to his original spot, plopped back down, and immediately dozed off again.

It always amazes people that they can communicate telepathically with their animals, but it’s actually far easier to communicate that way with them than with people. We’re always second-guessing ourselves and letting other thoughts get in the way. Not so with animals! They are never in any doubt of their psychic connection to you – and you should never be in any doubt of your connection with them.

Many blessings to you!

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