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Your Deceased Loved Ones Speak to You Telepathically

A message that I often receive from deceased loved ones is, “With a thought, I’m there.” In other words, wherever they wish to go, they can get there with a simple thought! Thoughts are also how they most often can communicate with us, but sometimes it’s hard to know whether a thought, memory, or idea comes from us or them.

Most people expect their deceased loved one to come to them as an apparition or speak to them with an audible voice. Because they no longer have a physical body, however, it is more likely that loved ones will speak to you telepathically. In other words, they will be sending their thoughts to you.

But how will you be able to tell the difference between your thoughts and their thoughts?

If you are thinking of your loved one, something will trigger your thought – maybe a picture of your loved one, a special date or time of day, an event, etc. Then this thought will trigger another thought, and then another. That’s how our minds work, a sort of domino effect of influences that results in a particular thought.

However, if your deceased loved ones are speaking to you telepathically, the thoughts will just pop into your head for no reason. These thoughts may be something they said or did, and will come into your consciousness unexpectedly. When you begin to notice these sudden thoughts from your loved ones, you will also be able to feel the difference. Their thoughts will actually feel more like outside thoughts, rather than rational, contemplative thoughts.

The best part is that the more you are aware that your loved ones are speaking to you telepathically, the more they will continue to come to you in this fashion. So make sure to pay attention to when and how you are “thinking” of your deceased loved ones. You won’t want to miss out on when they are speaking directly to you!

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