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How to Interpret Symbols from Deceased Loved Ones

What do you do when you receive a sign from a deceased loved one and you don’t know what it means? These types of signs usually contain a symbol — something that stands for an idea, feeling, or person without literally representing it. Symbols are open to interpretation, so it takes extra care to make sure you’re interpreting the right message from the other side.

This is one reason it’s best to start by learning how to receive messages for others before doing it for yourself. Begin with somebody you don’t know. You’ll find it’s easier to be objective about the messages and symbols that pop into your head because it’s outside your personal frame of reference.

Be aware of how you naturally receive messages before interpreting symbols. Are you a visual person? You might get the clearest messages clairvoyantly, seeing symbols in your mind’s eye. If you’re an auditory person, you might hear a song, a word, or a sound clairaudiently. Maybe you’re claircognizant, extra-sensitive to surrounding energies with a sense of knowing. Pay special attention to how you best receive messages to get more clarity around the symbols at hand.

Ready to interpret a symbol? Start by asking yourself what it means to you. Years ago, the old TV show Bonanza came up in a reading I was doing. The woman was too young to be familiar with the show, and I didn’t have a particular attachment to it, either. All that came to me was one of the character names, Hoss. As it turns out, this was the name of somebody very significant to the young woman’s life. Bonanza was a symbol for this person, and one I would have missed, too, had I not started by analyzing what it meant to me.

Be specific when you relay the messages you receive. You can’t always know whether a particular detail will be significant, so make sure to describe names, places, objects, or feelings you get. Sometimes it just takes the right phrasing to let the other person know without a doubt that you are speaking to their loved ones. What might seem insignificant to you could be symbolic of something very important to them.

Your messages from the other side will not always be obvious, which is why you can’t give up if they don’t immediately ring any bells. When you get a clear symbol, it usually does mean something, but sometimes neither you nor the other person realizes it yet. I’ve found that sometimes, my clients will go home, talk to family members about the reading, and only then discover the meaning behind the message.

Remember, as long as it feels right, to accept the information you are given during a reading. It comes to you for a reason. Trust your inner guidance as you sift through the messages you receive and the symbols they contain. You will automatically resonate with the information you are intended to receive, and your intuition will guide you as you discover the meanings behind the symbols.

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