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Ask Your Deceased Loved Ones to Give You “Without a Doubt” Signs During Special Life Events

Of course we all want to share significant moments in our lives such as weddings, graduations, new births, birthdays, etc. with the ones we love. That’s why it’s important to ask our deceased loved ones for “without-a-doubt” signs to let us know they are with us during these special life events.

My daughter recently got married, and I wanted to make sure that my departed mother was there. But a little background first: My daughter and son in law had their parents light candles at the ceremony for their loved ones who passed.

When it was my turn, I lit one for my mother.

Just a few moments later when I went back to my seat, the glass on that candle broke and made a LOUD sound for everyone to hear.

Then I heard my mom say, "Of course I'd be here sweetheart!"

I immediately whispered, "Thank you Mom!!" and started crying.

What an amazing "without a doubt" sign from my mother on this very important day!

After that, one of the other candles burst in the same way! (I believe it was another deceased loved one telling us, “Hey, I’m here too!)

So don’t forget to ask your departed loved ones to come and give you a big sign during your special life events. Then just be patient and wait, and don’t worry about how it’s going to occur. If they can do it, they will make it happen when you least expect it!

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