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5 Ways to Meditate to Connect with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones

Meditation is a very important element if you are truly interested in connecting with the angels and your deceased loved ones. (Remember, celestial beings are energy, and energy is not always perceived with your six senses.) It is important to understand, however, to meditate every day with the intention of connecting with the heavenly realm later on in the day. In other words, do not expect to receive messages when you are quieting yourself. If you attempting to do anything besides quieting yourself, then you are not meditating. It’s like putting gas in your car; you put the gas in the car so that the car can run later in the day and in the future.

Below are some of my favorite ways to meditate before attempting to connect with my clients’ angels and loved ones:

1. Stare at candle – Stare at the flame of a candle until you cannot keep your eyes open any more. Then close your eyes and you will see the flame superimposed on your closed eyelids. When this disappears, open your eyes again, and repeat the process.

2. Count exhales – Sit in a quiet place and simply count each of your exhales until you get to 10. When you get to 10, repeat this process a few more times.

3. Feel within – Get into a comfortable position and go within and become aware of each part of the inside of your body. Start at the top of your head and work your way downward.

4. Use a Mantra – Sit with the intention of being quiet, but repeat a mantra over and over whenever your mind starts to wander. A mantra I like to use (one that Edgar Cayce used) is “Grant me a pure heart Oh God.”

5. Guided Meditation CD – if you cannot quiet your thoughts, simply use a guided meditation CD that will take you through the meditation. When I began to meditate, I used Shirley MacLaine’s CD entitled “Going Within.” I also have created guided meditation CDs that can help you to go within to clear your chakras. (You can find them on my web site at

If you meditate daily, you will begin to become more open to the celestial realm and will feel so much more at peace. Remember, praying is talking to God – but meditating is listening to him. In any good relationship, we need to listen as well as speak!

Many blessings to you!

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