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I Have an Important Announcement!

Our deceased loved ones often come around us to let us know they are okay. When they do, they retain the personality that they had when they were still physically here. That is one of the ways you can tell if the message is really from them.

A few years ago, right after my Mom passed, I told her that I needed to hear her voice one more time. A few weeks after she passed, I stayed home from work because I was not feeling well. After doing a few things that needed to be done in the house, I went to bed to take a nap. When I was asleep, I "dreamt" I was in a crowded place, and I heard my mother loud and clear saying --- “I have an important announcement! I have an important announcement! I am here and I LOVE you!”

When she was talking, I knew without a doubt it was truly her speaking, and asked her, “Oh my GOD Mom! Thank you for letting me know you're with me!" Then I asked, "Who are you with?” She responded in a very low voice with a name I could not hear. Then I asked her to turn up the volume and tell me again. She responded softly, “Nannie.” Nannie is what I called my grandmother, her mother.

After she spoke these words, my phone rang and woke me up. I am so thankful that it did! (If I did not wake up after the dream, I would not have remembered it.)

My Mother had this type of humor and would often make it known that she had an important thing to say when she was still here on earth. That’s why I know without a doubt that her important announcement was coming directly from her! Thank you Mom!

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