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How the Emotional Freedom Technique Has Helped Lessen My Grief After My Mom’s Passing

I’ve been giving messages to my clients for many years now. Helping them to connect with “the other side” helps them to understand that their deceased loved ones truly are still around and are okay. However, those who are still on earth miss their loved ones so much, and often are not okay.

Now that my Mom has crossed over, I fully comprehend what a person goes through when he or she is grieving. Although my Mom has made herself known a number of times since she has died, my life will never be the same again, and there are times when I am not able to get past the horrible empty feeling in my stomach. Whenever I experience this great sadness, I have been using a technique called “tapping” or the “Emotional Freedom Technique.” It’s a technique where I tap certain acupuncture points on my body while I am feeling these negative feelings.

Let me explain further. Any negative emotion is caused by a disruption in your energy system. Grieving is certainly one of these negative emotions! When we “tap” onto these energy points, our energy is able to flow again, and we feel MUCH better.

I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

You can find more information on this technique at

Try it because it really works!

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