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the Peace Alliance

This is not an article by me, but it's a wonderful quote by the Peace Alliance at this critical time on earth. May we all become instruments of peace and spread the light!

"Imagine a world where governments respect the human rights of all their citizens and settle disputes by the rule of law for the common good.

Where all people have food, shelter and access to medical care, and children are born into and raised by healthy families and communities.

Where literacy and education for all are accomplished facts.

Where economic practices create well-being for all stakeholders, including communities and the environment.

Where beauty, the arts, and media inspire the best in people.

Where the benefits of science and technology enhance all circles of life.

Where tolerance and appreciation of diverse religious beliefs is the rule, spiritual practice is encouraged, and reverence for life fostered.

Where the earth in all her natural beauty is treasured and its resources utilized sustainably, for this and future generations.

This is a world at PEACE...

May Peace Prevail on Earth. You Are a Pathway to Peace." -

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