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Letters of Love This Valentine's Day

The thought of Valentine’s Day puts a smile on my face, and that smile has little to do with flowers and chocolate. My greatest memories of Valentine’s Day actually started only a few years back when a transformational event happened on that special day. As I was searching for a way to experience my “life review” in the present, rather than waiting until my physical body had passed, a light bulb turned on, and I knew that the best way to experience a life review was to put it on paper. Those words would recount my entire life in relation to the loved ones in my life.

I could never have imagined how transformational this whole process was. And here’s the best part – - YOU can do it too! Imagine getting a letter from one of your loved ones. In that letter they recounted memories in your past that you didn’t even remember, but they did. They expressed to you how important you had been in their lives, all the things you taught them, and how you literally changed their lives. Maybe they expressed how proud they were of you, even if they never got a chance to say it. Maybe they had some regrets. Wouldn’t it change your mood, your heart, and your life in an instant? What if that moment could be preserved in time? You have a chance to do that for someone this Valentine’s Day.

If you feel guided, take some time this month and show your loved ones how much you love and care for them. In a foundation of positivity and love, write a letter that only you could write, that only you could express — because it was YOUR life that was impacted by them. You have the chance to give that gift to the people you love most in this world. The beautiful thing is that as you write these letters, your own soul will be transformed, and you’ll find that maybe you received the biggest gift of all.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Many blessings to you!

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