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7 Steps to Healing After a Loss

Your deceased loved ones really are okay and want you to be, too! Here are some very effective tools to help you to heal and maintain your connection with your loved ones after their passing.

1. Your loved ones are trying to let you know they are with you, so make a conscious effort to become aware of how they are communicating with you. They may be speaking to you telepathically, giving you “without a doubt” signs, or coming to you in dreams.

2. The Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping,” is one of the most powerful healing methods available, so make sure to give this one a try. The energy of grief often gets “stuck” in certain acupuncture points in your body. If you tap on these acupuncture points while you are experiencing the negative emotion, the trapped energy will begin to move. This movement of energy will almost always create tremendous immediate relief from your emotional, and sometimes even physical pain!

3. After you’ve “tapped” out your negative emotions, make sure to focus on the positive aspects around you. It’s easier said than done, I know! But, because the law of attraction will bring more of whatever you are focusing upon, it’s important for you to think about good things. One way to help you to change your unhappy thoughts is to use the “yes but” technique. For example, if you are feeling sad because you are thinking about how much you miss your loved one, create a statement that will help you to change your thought to a more positive one, such as, “Yes, but, I was so blessed to have had him or her in my life!”

4. It’s also important to take the time to speak and listen to those in the celestial realm. Just know that they will hear what you are saying if your energy is directed towards them. Attempt to also set aside time every day to meditate. By quieting yourself daily, you will feel so much better, and it will also enhance your ability to connect with them.

5. You may also decide to go to a reputable psychic medium who will be able to relay messages from your loved ones for you. Just make sure to look for concrete messages from them and accept only those that resonate with you.

6. Writing letters to your loved ones is also a wonderful way to maintain your connection with them. Don’t forget to ask them to give you “without a doubt” signs so you will know without a doubt that they are aware of what you have written to them.

7. Finally, remember that your deceased loved ones want you to move on and be happy again. They would like for you to set new goals for the future and live your life to the fullest!

(Each of these modalities is discussed in more detail in “Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss).

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