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A Past, Present, and Future Reading from an Angel Oracle Deck

Updated: May 23, 2023

Doing a reading for yourself or others from an angel oracle deck is very easy. When you do this type of reading, you will receive the answers you need to know from a higher level of consciousness. Trust that the angels are speaking directly to you, because they are! Even though you may not understand the meaning of every card you pick, the angels will gently be guiding you as to what you need to know and do right now. Most angel card decks, such as the Angel Quest Oracle Deck, will have the explanation of the message directly on the card. If you’d like a further description, you can go to the guidebook that is included in the box.

Today, I’ll explain how to do a “Past, Present, and Future” reading. You’ll be drawing one card for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.

You will need a clean, hard surface on which you can place the cards. First, ask the angels what you need to know about your past. Here are a few different ways the angels may help you to draw the card you need.

  • Shuffle the cards until they seem to stick together in a cluster. When this happens, stop shuffling and pull the card from the top of that group of cards.

  • Shuffle the deck and use your intuition to know when to stop. The angels will be guiding you to take the card that you need. It may be the card on the top of the deck, on the bottom, or even the middle of the deck. Just listen to your inner guidance.

  • Shuffle the cards, and the perfect card or two may jump out of the deck and fall to the floor. This is the angel’s way of selecting the card for you.

  • Shuffle the cards, then fan them out on a hard surface, such as a table, and pick the card that you feel most connected to.

  • Shuffle the deck and stop when your intuition tells you to. Cut the deck and select the card from the new top.

Please the card you selected on the table.

Now ask the angels what you need to know about the present. Use the same methods described above and draw the card you feel guided to take. Place this card to the right of the first card.

Finally, ask the angels what you need to know about your future and repeat the previous steps. Place the card you select to the right of the second card.

Once you have all the cards lined up, you will have a story of your past, present, and future. For example, consider how the card you drew for your past relates to something that happened in your past. How does the card you selected for your present relate to your present situation? What is the card you drew for your future telling you about what is to come? Read the guidance from the booklet for each one and notice if the messages progress from one to the other.

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