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Five Steps Toward a Journey of Peace

You may be wondering what you can do to set a life-changing journey of peace in motion. Here are five simple steps you can take to begin this process:

1. If there are so-called bad events taking place around you, visualize and feel the new, positive situations you want to create instead of “what is.” In so doing, you will begin the manifestation process of replacing these negative situations with more powerful, loving, and peaceful ones!

2. Pray for inner and outer peace. When you pray, make sure to feel the peace as if it is already occurring in the present moment. Phrase it as a positive statement, like “Thank you, God, for expanding the peace within me and allowing peace to prevail on Earth.” Know as you pray that whatever is needed to obtain this peace is happening right now.

3. Quiet your thoughts. By meditating daily, you’ll actually be able to feel your connection with God and everyone and everything.

4. Call upon the angels to help you the next time someone’s negativity disrupts your peaceful mind. Ask Archangel Michael to encircle the room you are in with as many angels as are needed to remove the negative energy that are you are experiencing. Then call upon the angels to surround the person who is infringing upon your space and send them peace, too. The only way to put a stop to the ripple effect of negative energy is to begin a new ripple effect of positive energy. The other person will not consciously know what you have done, but subconsciously he will. He will feel the positive energy directed his way and will cease to feel the need to send negativity in your direction. Try it—it really works!

5. Send love to everyone in your path. By extending love to all, you will be raising not only your own energy but also all the energy around you. Albert Einstein is reported to have once said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” In other words, we need to do something to change our way of thinking and acting in order to become an instrument of peace. In this way, we can create the peace that is very much needed on Earth, or else hatred, war, and violence will continue to exist.

Begin your new way of positive thinking today. Your life will be so much better from it, and so will the lives of everyone in your path.

Yes, you really can make a big difference in your world and the world around you. Focus on the positive and use your energy to expand upon what you want (which is peace), not on what you don’t want (which is conflict).

Because we are all one, begin by cooperating with others. Help as many people as you can during the day. Instead of just worrying about how events will affect just you, understand how your actions will also affect others. In so doing, you will become an instrument of the peace that God intended. –

Excerpt from my book, We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace

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