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Healing with Reiki

I always incorporate energy healing, primarily Reiki, into my appointments. It helps to balance my clients as they’re going through their mourning period, allowing them to feel much better afterwards. (Reiki [pronounced ray-key] is a Japanese word that means “universal life energy.” It’s related to the laying on of hands – by placing one’s hands on the body, divine energy kicks in and flows to wherever it’s needed. What sets Reiki apart from similar techniques is that one cannot learn the practice just by reading about it in a book. In order to get the energy flowing through the hands, a person must receive attunements from a Reiki master. It’s important to note here that these attunements don’t give the recipient something new; they simply unlock what was already there. It’s like turning on a light; the electricity was always present, but someone had to turn on the switch to activate it.)

After my mother died, I was so drained. I felt as if I was on automatic pilot during the weeks prior to her passing, going back and forth from my house to the hospital, which was quite a distance away, and then back and forth from my house to hers when she was in hospice. It was not only physically demanding, but it also took a toll on me emotionally.

A few weeks after her funeral, I had no energy left. That’s when I decided to take the time to do an hour’s worth of Reiki on myself. As the energy permeated my body, I finally began to feel like myself again; this helped me understand what my clients experience during an appointment. The reading they receive from me offers assurance that their deceased loved ones really are okay, and the Reiki healing enables them to regain the energy that they lost after the traumatic experience they’ve gone through.

Having a treatment from a Reiki practitioner would be very beneficial to you during your healing process; however, learning Reiki yourself, so that you’d be able to balance your energy any time you choose, would help you even more.

This technique heals the mind, body, and spirit in so many other ways, too. I had kidney stones many years ago, and nothing was making me feel better. After being in so much pain for over a week, I decided to do Reiki on my lower back for an entire night. The next morning, I was finally able to pass the stones! I don’t know why I waited so long to do the Reiki. Now I know to do it at the first sign of any physical ailment, and it always helps!

Another incident that stands out in my mind was when a client came in for a healing a few years ago. This woman was extremely happy with the results, and as she was leaving said, “I feel like a weight was lifted from me.” I didn’t hear back from this person for a long time, but when she came to one of my classes about a year later, she had an amazing story to share. Apparently, right after that healing, she began losing so much weight and was afraid that it was because she was sick. So, she went to the doctor and found out that nothing was physically wrong with her. The bottom line was that the Reiki healing literally lifted that weight off of her, both mentally and physically. It was truly incredible!

Over the years, I’ve heard so many other amazing stories about Reiki’s benefits, but that would be a book in itself. If you haven’t ever experienced this practice, ask someone who has. They’ll tell you exactly what I’m saying – it really works! –

from Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss

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