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May You Find Your Connection in Your Seclusion

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I’ve said it so many times. “We are all one. Whatever we do to ourselves or another affects the whole.” Prior to this “pause” in the world, many people had forgotten this important truth. They continued to concentrate on their personal short-term gain rather than how their actions were affecting everyone and everything else. A huge proportion of the population believed that their own country, nationality, race, gender, and even species was a priority, at the expense of all others. Many were unwilling to change their lifestyles, and nothing anyone could say or do would change their minds. But then the tipping point came, and their inability to see the truth began to affect our beautiful planet in a big way. Global warming, pollution, extinction of animals and plants, and deforestation became very real issues that needed to be resolved immediately. Diverse nationalities, races, political parties, and others pitted themselves against each other, and tensions continued to escalate. In the midst of all this, people still could not see the bigger perspective.  So, the Universe said, “Enough! The whole world needs to STOP what it is doing in order for everyone to understand just how much we depend upon each other, and how we are all interconnected. There could be no other way to help us see the broader picture. And a virus began on one side of the globe and spread throughout the world. Everyone was affected and life as we knew it had to change. For now, hectic schedules have ceased to exist. Factories, offices, schools, churches, malls, parks, government buildings, and so much more have been forced to close down. Airplane flights have been canceled and less cars are on the road. People are working at home, if they can. Children are being home-schooled, whenever possible. Yet, those who work at jobs that we depend upon for our survival continue to sacrifice their lives for us all. And people are being shown just how much we all need each other.  At first people were frightened, but many have learned to continue in a different way. Priorities have changed. The health of ourselves and our loved ones are now what matters most. More have been talking to God, and others have been going within to experience the Divine. Others have been taking quiet walks to reconnect with nature. But for the most part, we are staying inside and behaving ourselves. The skies have become cleaner and bluer; wildlife that we thought had disappeared has resurfaced. The world remains quieter, and we have become gentler. In so many cases, fear has turned to love, and we are finally able to feel our connection to everyone and everything.  So, yes, even though life as we know it has stopped; life as God knows it continues to emerge. In our seclusion, we have found our connection. Angel blessings to you now and always! - Karen Noé, author of We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace

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