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Prayer for all Living Creatures and the Environment

Dearest God, Help us to show compassion for all sentient beings, and enable us to see through their eyes. Open up our hearts and increase our understanding of what we can do to save them from harm. Steer us away from interfering with them in their natural habitat unless they are in need of our help. Remind us to eat with compassion and recognize the wonderful alternatives we all have that don’t include slaughtering, neglecting, or disregarding their precious lives. Grant that we become more aware of animal friendly clothing, products, and hobbies. Show us to the steps we can take to protect and support our magnificent planet that you have entrusted in our care. Enable us to see that we truly can make a difference and uplift the Earth back to its true state of perfection. Grant that we take our responsibilities as caretakers of our world seriously, from this day forward. Amen.

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Donna Meyers
Donna Meyers
Dec 02, 2021

This prayer is so beautiful and profound. I read it aloud and I will attempt to share it with my loved ones. I love animals so much; I give donations to animal charities as well as take care of my own feral outside cats. Animals are precious and we must all treat them with respect and compassion.

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