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Prayer for Recognizing the Divine Presence Within to Create Miracles

Dearest God, remind me daily of your powerful presence in the core of my being. 

Help me to understand that you are within me, empowering me to manifest miracles in my life.

Teach me to tap into this infinite well of creativity and strength that resides within, so I may bring forth the wonders that align with your divine plan. 

Let me recognize that I am a vessel of your incredible power, capable of shaping my reality with faith and intention.

Encourage me to see your light in myself and others, fostering a world where miracles are not only possible, but expected. 

Guide me to use this divine power responsibly, creating moments of joy, healing, and transformation for myself and for those around me.

With each breath, reinforce my belief in the miraculous, renewing my spirit and expanding my horizons. 

I honor this power that makes all things possible, and I am thankful for the endless opportunities to co-create with You.

And so it is.

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