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The Law of Attraction and Animals

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Here I am dancing with my sweet boy. Now Mikey is dancing in heaven.

My 20-year-old cat and best buddy, Mikey, made his transition last night. While I know he’s still around me (I feel him already!), I miss his physical essence tremendously. During the last few months, he was showing signs of dementia, yet he was still physically active and healthy until the day before he passed, and was my boy!

I’ve always wondered if pets were able to manifest their wishes with their thoughts, just as humans can. Now I know the answer. Absolutely yes! Mikey left this physical plane at the perfect time, right after he was able to see everyone he loved one more time.

He hadn’t seen my youngest son, Tim, in two years, and I know he missed him. Tim came to visit a few weeks ago, and right before his visit, Mikey started sleeping next to the bed that Tim was going to sleep in – as if he sensed Tim was coming home. He stayed with Tim during his entire visit and then, after Tim returned to his home in Oregon, Mikey came back upstairs again. During the time when my son was home, my whole family celebrated Easter together at my house, and Mikey was able to see them all as well.

Yesterday when I was at work, my first appointment never showed up, even though I called her a week before it to confirm. At first, I was frustrated she didn’t show, but then, during the scheduled time of that appointment, I had a strong feeling that said, “Go home now!” – so I did! Mikey was sleeping peacefully in the middle of the kitchen floor, and I knew he was going to pass soon. I frantically called the rest of my appointments to reschedule, and did Reiki on Mikey and held him all day long.

He lingered until my boyfriend, Ken, came home at night. Then, after a few hours, Mikey passed peacefully in my arms.

So, you see, he was ready to leave his body after he saw everyone he loved – Tim, my entire family, Ken, and of course, me. My client’s canceling her appointment at the last minute was a true blessing. It enabled me to be with my baby boy the entire day as he was getting ready to leave this physical world.

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What a gorgeous kitty boy! I’m so sorry for your loss, but happy to hear about your ongoing connection 💖 thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Blessings to you and Mikey both

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Your Beauty of Soul is an inspiration to us all! I am an Aloe Vera owner.....I touch-Bless them and talk to them, daily......but I have a friend who, 10 years or so, ago, created an "Abandoned Dog Refuge"....he is an "awakened Light-Person"....having had an NDE about 10 months ago. He would find your account of your telepathic interaction with Mickey to be a WOW.....but rather than copy and paste your Divine experience to him, I think it aporopriate to give you his email address......along with the message that Leo felt that both you and he should be friends......with your devotion to pets you both so deeply love!

My friend's name is Hal Hornberg and his email address ....whi…

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I am so sorry for your loss, Karen. You were lucky to have Mikey in your life and Mikey was lucky to have you!

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