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Uplift Others Without Lowering Your Perspective or Forcing Them to Raise Theirs

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Continue to stay on a high, loving vibration, no matter what is going on around you. As you are on this journey of peace, you may draw into your life those who are experiencing negativity and need to be uplifted. Yes, it’s important to help them out and to see through their eyes, but don’t ever lower your vibration as you are doing so. And don’t ever try to force them to raise their perspective if they aren’t ready to do so. I recently saw a wonderful post on Facebook about Bishop T. D. Jakes. When he was a guest on Oprah’s Life Class, he told a story about the differences in perspectives between a giraffe and a turtle. He said to imagine yourself as a giraffe, reaching high and aiming for food on the top of a tree. Then he said to imagine a turtle on the ground as all the people who have tried to hold you down. According to him, the turtle represents those who don’t understand you. He finds his food only on the ground, never up in the trees. Bishop Jakes explained that we survive at the level of our vision. The turtle can’t reach the heights of the giraffe and can’t understand what the giraffe is doing. On the other hand, if the giraffe bends down to the level of the turtle, all the blood will rush to his head, and he will die. Jakes added, “You cannot explain to a turtle a giraffe decision,” and “When you are built to be tall, you will endanger your position if you lower your perspective.” He went on to say that just because a turtle will never comprehend the need to reach higher, it does not make the turtle bad. That is just its frame of reference. Others may not be able to see things from your perspective because their point of reference is different from yours. So don’t be hurt or upset if others can’t understand your higher perspective and are not able to receive the kindness that you have intended. Take, for example, the birds I feed in my yard twice daily. From my window, I enjoy watching hundreds of them come every day to eat. Even though I’ve been providing them with food, they still fly away when I try to walk toward them. Sure, I’d love for them to remain there as I am approaching, but I certainly understand that they retreat because it’s their instinct to protect themselves from predators. I lovingly allow them to remain on their own personal journey as I continue on mine. Excerpt from We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace, Karen Noé

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