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You Are Making a Difference

For the person who has been crying all night and still wipes away someone else’s tears the next morning,

For the person who truly understands that all animals on this planet have feelings, families, and souls, and, because of that, treats them all with the respect that they deserve,

For the person who attempts to see through another’s eyes, with no judgment, even when he or she doesn’t understand what the other person is doing,

For the person who votes for those who are compassionate and supports the betterment for everyone,

For the one who comprehends that loving everyone includes loving those in other lands, not just those within the boundaries of one’s own country,

For the one who does his or her part to clean up the environment of the beautiful planet we call home, and supports those who do the same.

For the one who is kind, loving, respectful, tolerant, and open-minded, and so much more,

You have the same understanding as those in the heavenly realm, and are seeing everything from the We Consciousness.

You truly recognize the unity of everyone and everything and comprehend that what one does to oneself or another affects the whole.

Thank you for being a light unto us all. You are really making a difference.

Continue to spread the love. xoxo Karen Noé

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